Volutes represent the royalty among seashells. The word voluta comes from old latin, and is still used in modern day italian, it means "wanted", which in conchology makes a lot of sense. Most species have large, beautifuly sculptured and conspicuously colored shells; features that make them instant favorites with novice collectors, and the pride of well established collections. Here is a great selection up for sale.

Harpulina a. vexilla Gmelin, 1791

81.05mm. Trinco, Sri Lanka.

F+. This is the desired broad band form of H. arausiaca. This shell is from Sri Lanka, and is quite disctinct from both Indian forms. For me this is kind of an intermediate form: It has the pattern of vexilla and the shape of arausiaca. In any case, this is a large example with vibrant colors, it has the usual rough lip. I suspect it could be fresh dead taken.

Price: 60.00 usd.

Lyria pauljohnsoni P&T., 2002

32.5mm. Lavanono, S. Madagascar.

Gem-. A rare little Madagascan endemic. This species is relatively new to science, and in short supply - specially for quality specimens, as most are taken dead, washed ashorea and consequently very worn. This particular shell has an average size, and nice pattern. It is of very high quality; live taken, with the operculate animal still dried inside.

Price: 65.00 usd.

Cymbiola aulica Sowerby, 1824

134.2mm. Pangutaran Is. Zamboanga, Philippines.

F+, dorsal scar. There was a time when this princely volute was very rare and admired, today it is readily available from fishermen in the Southern Philippines. The price of these is quite subjective; with some buyers paying top dollar for nice and unusual forms. This here is a very uniquely colored shell, patterned with thin lines and brown blotches. Beautiful. 

Price: 95.00 usd.

Cymbiolacca coucomorum L&B, 1998

65.36mm. Illusive Reef, Coral Sea, Australia. F++.

F++. A rare and endemic Australian volute, of delicate beauty. This is mainly restricted to the Swain Reefs in Queensland. This is a remote area, visited by divers only sporadically. Therefore, most shells that make it to the maket originate from older collections. This particular specimen is in excellent condition, with a tiny scar in the spire as the only flaw. 

Price: 225.00 usd.

Cymbiolacca pulchra complexa

82.02mm. off Fraser Is. Australia.

F+. I believe this is form fraserensis Bail, P. & A. Limpus, 1998. There are many varieties in the c. pulchra complex and it is very difficult to identify them properly. In any case, this particular shell is simply stunning: it has a very beautiful, uninterrupted pattern, an almost perfect lip and an extremely saturated orange color. It is also large. The canal tip is broken.

Price: SOLD

Cymbiolacca pulchra peristicta

McMichael, D.F., 1963

82.02mm. off Fraser Is. Australia.

F+/++. A classic Australian volute, and one of the most popular in the pulchra complex. This specimen is very faint, almost white pink, covered by dark brown dots. The condition is pretty decent, with just a slightly filed lip, as usual. This is a very pretty, uncommon specimen.

Price: SOLD