Displayed here is a nice selection of common to rare shells, from differnt parts of the world. Some very interesting variations of common species are also offered here. These are all from my personal collection.

Lambis robusta Swainson, 1821

133.8mm. Punta Aiya, Tahiti.

F+. This Tahitian endemic is one of the rarest spider conchs. Unlike other species of conch, which tend to exhibit enormous variability, this species seems to always have the exact same color scheme, and the exact same shape, I mean even the digits are placed always the same way! Very contrasted, dark brown fingers, lilac and sienna dorsum. Broken canal tip as usual. 

Price: 125.00 usd.

Strombus costatus Gmelin, 1791

116.6mm. Off Clear Water, Florida. Gulf of Mexico.

F++. A common and large Caribbean species, the Milk Conch´s dorsum is usually colored in ochre.  Considering this may reach over 8", this specimen is not big at all. Instead of this, it features an extremely uncommon, dark orange- pink dorsum, that makes it stand out in a way a typical large shell never would. A truly spectacular example to represent the taxa.

Price: 70.00 usd.

Strombus gallus Linnaeus, 1758

130.2mm. Johnny Cay, San Andrés.

F+. An extremely elegant shaped, attractive shell, the Rooster Conch is usually mottled in brown, with pastel hues, like the specimen here offered: this has a very faint lilac base. The shell comes from an unusual location and was bought from fishermen two years ago at the spot. It was the fresh meal of an octopus, therefore a little drill hole is left as evidence.

Price: 25.00 usd.

Strombus peruvianus Swainson, 1823

140mm. Quepos, Costa Rica.

F+. I have always felt inexplicably drawn to this species. It is very similar to S. raninus, but larger. The dorsum is brownish, with no pattern. The most notable feature is a flaring mouth with tones of orange and pink; which is unusually clean and perfect in this specimen. On the down side, there is an evident scar in the dorsum. Still very nie. Comes with operculum.

Price: 80.00 usd.

Strombus pugilis worki Petuch, 1993

54.22mm. Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia State. Brazil.

F+. A magnificent fresh mini pugilis from Brazil, this shows an extreme variation in size, and compares dramatically with any regular sized Caribbean specimen. This is also more triangular, longer spined and yellower than th northern form, as is typical for Brazilian specimens. There is a little roughness in the canal and a nick in the apex. Displays spectacularly.

Price: 18.00 usd.

Strombus raninus Gmelin, 1791

102.6mm. Key Biscayne, Florida.

F+. This is a self-caught shell. This has always been present in one of my favorite snorkeling spots. It seems to occur seasonally, and in groups; foraging the grassy shallows. This was caught fresh dead, so fresh it is impossible to tell without my testimony. It is rather large for what I have seen, and quite attrctive. The apex is chipped, hence the grade.

Price: 12.00 usd.