Shells from this section come straight out of my personal collection. These are high quality collector´s items, that have been carefully and lovingly kept in hermetically sealed plastic boxes. I try to describe my specimens as best as I can; listing any defects that I am aware of. I also try to put together a selection of shells that are seldom found in other websites. 

Please keep in mind I am not a professional dealer, just a collector. I have extensive experience selling shells online through other websites, but I do not make a living out of this - I use the funds to reinvest in my hobby. Therefore a like to do business at my own pace, handling a small number of transactions at a time. What this means is the site is updated manually, and irregularly. Please visit occassionally for new shells.


Need better pictures do decide? no problem! Just ask, I´ll send a better resolution image.

Need a picture of one of my shells for an article or web page? I might be willing to send you a high resolution copy, as long as I get credit for the photo. Just ask.


All sizes are obtained using a digital calipper.The longest, or widest section is measured. 

Is a subjective thing! I tend to be very conservative, and support grades with extensive descriptions of defects.

Poor: Severely damaged shells that are obviously dead and worn, worthwhile only because they are so rare or unavailable.

Fair: Altered shells that are dead taken and/or obviously damaged, and serve only as representatives.

Fine (F) Dead taken or live shells that have a strong defect detracting of the overall beauty. 

Fine plus (F+) Live taken or fresh dead shells that are in good general condition, and display nicely, but have an evident defect.

Fine plus plus (F++) Live taken shells that display nicely and have minor defect(s) only noticeable upon close examination.

Gem: Very rarely do I deliver such a grade: This means perfection. Gem- can be used for shells that have almost imperceptible defects.


All prices are in USA DOLLARS.

I try to price my shells fairly; but most shells come from other dealers, so the least I expect is to recover my investment. I hardly make any profit from this. Then again, many of these are shells I do not feel particularly happy about parting with; therefore you might find some expensive ones, but at least you can rest assured your shells are worth it.


Shells are ordered via e-mail, on a first-come, first-served basis. I do not posses the infrastructure to hold shells indefinitely, therefore I will send an invoice within a week of the last reservation, unless otherwise agreed. I expect payment within a week o delivering the invoice.

Payment options vary, but my prefered method is Paypal. An extra 4% will be added to all Paypal transactions. Please contct me for other payment options.

All orders must be at least 50.00 usd. worth of shells.

All overs over 500.00 usd. get a 10% complementary discount.

Offers are welcome.

I do not exchange shells, sorry.


All shipping is done via registered airmail, with a tracking number. No value is declared for the shells, unless otherwise requested (this might be necessary if you want to request insurance) A tracking number is kept for all parcels. This allows both parts to keep online track of transit.

Parcels are shipped within a week of receiving payment, unless I am out of the country, in which case I will inform you duly. 

I am located in Colombia. Shipping is somewhat reliable and inexpensive (alas for now) I do get occassional complaints about the packages being carelessly handled, thank God nobody has received broken shells for now! The reality of this country is that there is an ongoing drug trafficking problem, therefore customs officials take their time with the boxes. Please be patient! 

I do not include written shell data in the boxes. I deliver this via e-mail. The reason for this is to avoid releasing information about the shells that could trigger a problem in customs. In Colombia it is prohibited to traffic with native species, this does not mean I am doing something illegal: I know for a fact that I cannot collect live animals (therefore my landshells are all fresh dead) In general, it is better if they do not know where the shells came from.

This said, I have sold shells from my base in Colombia since 2009, I have never got a negative feedback at an auction.

For ultra-valuable shells I can offer DHL, FedEX or even keep the shell till I am able to deliver it from the USA, which I visit at least twice a year. 


Vary greatly because of the volatility of tha Colombian Peso vs. USD. These are the current rates:

100g-500g rate: USA: 8usd. Americas, Europe, far East: 10usd. Other countries: 12usd. 
500g-1000g rate: USA: 15usd. Americas, Europe, far East: 18usd. Other countries: 22usd. 
Rates can vary depending on size/weight ratio and exchange rate.


My goal is the complete satisfaction of both sides. If you are not happy with your purchease, then I won´t be happy either.

I will accept returns. The buyer pays for all shipping/transaction fees. I will refund you as soon as the shell gets back to my hands in perfect condition.