Scallops or Pectens, as they are usually called by collectors, are arguably the most popular bivalve family among shell enthusiasts. The shell configuration is rather similar among species: a fan-shaped valve, with radiating ribs that end in a circular lip. The opposite side holds the sutture and ends in a rather straight line and two projecting "ears" Most species are capable of producing a wide array of color forms.

Equichlamys bifrons Iredale, 1929

96.3mm. Spencers Gulf, South Australia.

F. A gorgeous Australian endemic, characterized by its deep violet interior and dark wine colored radii on pale lavender background. The shell has several color varieties; but the big specimen here offered represents the classic form. On the downside, the shell has at least two micro holes in the upper valve, and a chip. The lip has been filed. Nice representative.

Price: 25.00 usd.

Gloripallium speciosum Reeve, 1853

65.7mm. Okinawa, Japan.

F+. A very beautiful scallop, this is characterized by the thin scales or lamellae that form around the ribs. The shell can exceptionally reach 3", but most are smaller. Shells with solid yellow in the lower valve are rare and expensive. This particular specimen has a good size, and a tiger pattern, very similar in fact to typical G. pallium, a more common species.

Price: 30.00 usd.


Nodipecten fragosus Conrad, 1849 - 8 RADII

129.5mm. off Panama City, Florida. 

F++. After much investigation I finally gathered that this is also a N. fragosum; not N. nodosus as I had suspected. The very similar, southern cousin of fragosus is distinguished by a heavier shell and by having 9 radii, instead of 7 or 8, like the two specimens here offered. Either way, this is a large, nicely ornamented specimen, that displays beautifully.

Price: 95.00 usd.

Nodipecten fragosus Conrad, 1849 - 7 RADII

125.6mm. off Panama City, Florida. 

F+. An outstanding large fragosus, with the typical brick-red coloration, and just 7 radii: the most dramatic form, because the large spaces allow a better appreciation of the extremely well developed, globose nodulations. A truly majestic piece, where if not for one single broken nodule, could easily soar to several hundreds at an auction. This is a bargain representative.

Price: 95.00 usd.