One of the clasic families in shell collections. The variety of shells present in this group is extensive; as is their beauty. Arguably these are among the most admired and desired of all shells. Some are quite colorful, but what really sets them apart is their frilly, spinny, delicate shapes and textures; that can be as delicate and thin as lace in some species. Presented here is a nice and unusual selection, straight from my drawers.

Chicoreus corrugatus Sowerby, 1841

48mm. Giftun Island, Hurghada, Egypt.

F++. This is a very uncommon Red Sea endemic, rarely exceeding 2", and capable of producing a bright orange shell, like the very nice specimen offered here: A really choice piece, diver-picked in 20mts. This has top color and condition, it even has its original operculum on. Again these are hardly ever offered, specially this nice.


Chicoreus maurus Broderip, 1833

75.8mm. Nuku Hiva. Marquesas.

F++. A very attractive, South Pacific counterpart to the similar  C. palmarosae and C. saulii. This species is definitely more robust, broader, with less frilly spines and shorter canal. The color is also subtly different: darker brown, and mauve colored fronds. In this specimen, the surface is so good it looks velvety. 

Price: 70.00 usd.

Chicoreus microphyllus Lamarck, 1823

78mm. Yanbaru, Okinawa, Japan.

F+/++. A very uncommonly offered species. This is a robust, elongated Chicoreus; solid brown with stocky, frilly spines; I can see how this would easily be confused with C. torrefactus. This particular specimen is quite large for its species. It also comes froman unusual location, where it was diver-picked. The spire has some calcarous deposits. w/o.

Price: 30.00 usd.

Chicoreus palmarosae Lamarck, 1822

94.9mm. Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.

F+/++. The stunning "Rose-branch murex" has several varieties. The classic form comes from Sri lanka; I also keep in stock some of those if interested. This particular specimen represents the Thai form, which is more elongated, with shorter spines, and the same color scheme as the Sri Lankan: Orange with rose spines. For the comprehensive collection. 

Price: 30.00 usd.

Chicoreus torrefactus f. rubiginosus 

Reeve, 1845

78.5mm. Exmouth, West Australia.

F+/++. A spectacular form of torrefactus, a large, widespread chicoreous that has some pretty drab brown, short-spined forms. In contrast, this shell is gorgeously colored in tones of peach and pink; it has spectacular, long fronds; just a super aesthetic specimen, to complete your set.

Price: 70.00 usd.

Pteropurpura trialata Sowerby, 1834

76.3mm. San Diego, California. USA.

F+. An extremely attraactive muricid. This species has a tri-winged whorl, with long, wavy-edged wings; from where it derives its name. The shell is also very attractively colored: A cream background and contrasting dark-brown, depressed spiral bands pronounce the sculpture. This particular specimen was fresh dead taken, its form is specially nice.

Price: SOLD