Most shells in this family are really tiny. Compared to the majority of marginellas, the depicted species can all be considered large. Here are also my favorite; selected because they display conspicuous colors and patterns. Marginellas are one of my favorite families. The shells are rounded and smooth, with strong columellar folds and thick outer margin, and above all, a naturally glossy surface. 

Glabella mirabilis Adams, H., 1869

31.5mm. Ras Hafun, Somalia.

F+. A magnificent species. It is usually found dead offshore. This particular shell is vibrant dark purple, catching the eye immediately when seen in display with other shells. I suspect though this might have been polished to enhance the color. If so, this was done very carefully, because I honestly cannot tell for sure. Still a really superb display piece.

Price: 100.00 usd.

Marginella emmae Bozzetti, 1998

33.05mm. Somalia.

F. A very rare marginella species, that is quite shy to reach the market. The species is also handsomely proportionate and large, with a tall spire and smooth body. This specimen is big and dark patterned. It seems though it was enhanced: The lip is uneven. The body might have been polished too. Overall a very pretty display representative; very hard to get.


Glabella pseudofaba Sowerby II, 1846

33.5mm. Goree Island, Senegal.

F+. My favorite marginella! This species is one of the largest Glabella. It develops a tall spire with beautiful shoulder nodules under a glossy surface. The color is usually olive green with "camo" blotches, and decorated by tiny spiral rows of black dots. This particular specimen is unusually lighter in color - perhaps dead taken (?) I cannot tell with certainty.

Price: SOLD

Marginella limbata Lamarck, 1822

31.65mm. M'Bourg, Senegal.

F+. An uncommon, large West African species. This is usually adorned with a pattern  of dark vertical lines. The offered shell is very unusual in an almost solid colored dorsum, with no discernible lines; it resambles M. Peelae from South Africa, but much larger and globose. A very interesting shell, despite the dorsum beeing a little dull and yellowish.

Price: SOLD

Glabella species

27mm. Senegal.

F+. From an old italian collction. Personally, I´ve never seen anything like this. Definitely closer to G. pseudofaba than to any other shell I can think of. But still not quite: This is smaller, has different proportions; a thicker lip and much smaller and numerous black dots. The grade comes from the ventral scar. Extremely interesting for expert.

Price: 60.00 usd.

Marginella petitii Duval, 1841

32mm. Guinea, West Africa.

F+. Another uncommon, seldom available West African species, this is rather large and globose, and very similar to M. senegalensis, for what I´ve observed. The former one always having a rosy-pik hue. This spcimen is large and globose, with an attractive yellow flush, the surface might have some slightly duller areas, hence the grade. Still very attractive.

Price: 20.00 usd.