Most shells in this family are really tiny. Compared to the majority of marginellas, the depicted species can all be considered large. Here are also my favorite; selected because they display conspicuous colors and patterns. Marginellas are one of my favorite families. The shells are rounded and smooth, with strong columellar folds and thick outer margin, and above all, a naturally glossy surface. 

Bullata guerrinii

Souza & Covert, 2001

33mm. Itamaraju, Bahia State, Brazil.

RARE - A medium-sized, inflated species, with two beautiful forms: a pink one and a "brown one" represented by this shell.


Bullata lilacina

Sowerby, G.B. II, 1846

22.3mm. Camocim, Ceara, Brazil

UNCOMMON - stunning deep dark magenta when fresh, this color fades with time. This species is a common meal for octopusses.


Bullata matthewsi

Mol, J.G. van & B. Tursch, 1967

47.6mm. Camocim, Ceara, Brazil

UNCOMMON - a large, globose marginella, with a glossy surface that resembles polished mahogany. This also comes from octopus den.


Cryptospira elegans

Gmelin, 1791

46.7mm. Ranong, Andaman Sea, Thailand

UNCOMMON - a large species that is usually trawled. Just stunning, with its slate gray body whorl  and conspicuous burnt sienna lip.


Glabella mirabilis

Adams, H., 1869

29.6mm. Merka, Somalia.

UNCOMMON - A really superb, largish, heavily ribbed stocky species, this comes in hues of violet and has a crimson-peppered lip.

Glabella pseudofaba

Sowerby, G.B. II, 1846

36.4mm. South of  Dakar. Senegal.

UNCOMMON - A large, ribbed, elongated and gorgeously sculptured species. This is military green, and evenly dotted with black.

Marginella mosaica

Sowerby, 1846

28.4mm. East London, South Africa.

RARE - An impressively patterned, medium-sized, super attractive species; which is only rarely found alive.

Marginella rubrovittata

Veldsman, Veldsman & Aiken, 2016

25.43mm. Xora, Transkei, South Africa.

UNCOMMON - Quite a variable species, the wine color form is probably the most attractive. Most shells are found beached.

Marginella sebastiani

Marche-Marchad & Rosso, 1979

52.5mm. Conakry, Guinea

COMMON - A really gorgeous, large species; This is a fully mature, thick, glossy, deep flesh colored shell, covered in perfect snow flakes. 

Prunum carneum

Marche-Marchad & Rosso, 1979

18.8mm. Key Biscayne, Florida, USA.

UNCOMMON - When young I used to spend hours snorkeling for these; only ocassionally would a dead shell turn up. This is my best.

Prunum guttatum

Dillwyn, 1817

25.9mm. Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

COMMON - But not like the specimen in the picture! This one is huge, very dark and extremely attractive. Really special shell!

Persicula cingulata

Dillwyn, 1817

25.2mm. Nouadhibou, Mauritania.

COMMON - The pictured shell is kind of yellowish due to its habitat. It is also not the largest I´ve seen; but still a very nice shell.