Plekocheilus elaeodes Pfeiffer, 1851

42.5mm. Boyacá. Colombia.

F++. A handsome, medium-sized, globose species. The shell is rather thin and semi-translucent, and the color varies from reddish to purplish brown. This specimen looks like a ripe red globe grape! very attractive species. This partcular shell is very red. Seems very fresh dead, or even live.

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Megalobulimus perelongatus Bequaert, 1948

88.1mm. Casanare. Colombia.

F++. A heavy, large species that inhabits savannahs and is very widespread and common in some areas. This is also one of the most beautiful species, with beige body and bright pink lip. This particular shell is not large, but the condition is great, with a glossy aperture, and very dark coloration. A magnificent display piece.

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P. aff. episcopalis Pfeiffer, 1855

68.9mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F+. Recently found in an area near the capital, reportedly uncommon and hard to find. this is a rather large species, with a reddish brown cuticle when live (Not present in the case of this specimen) There is also a scar on the dorsum. On the bright side, this is huge, and the surface and aperture are extremely glossy. Fresh dead as usual. Only 1.

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Shells shown here are the product of trading for about a decade with local collectors (I do not go looking for shells) With a few probable exceptions, these are all dead-taken, fresh from the forest floor, sometimes they look very fresh, but sometimes they are badly worn. This is the nature of things here. It is also illegal to hunt live snails (which is ironic, in a country where acres forest are being wiped out every day by illegal settlers, farmers and miners)

Plekocheilus virgatus Pilsbry, 1935

37.4mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F+. A thin-shelled, rather light-weight species, that has a pure white shell, attractively marked by dark brown dots and zig-zags. It has a bright pink lip and an even pinker apex. When fresh, the shell is covered by a thin, translucent yellowish- brown cuticle. This is fresh dead as usual, with some wear.

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P. succinoides Petit de la Sussaye, 1840

37mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F++. An extremely beautiful; When fresh, it is covered by a coppery cuticle, that is usually decorated with white flammules and tents. The shells are usually found discarded, after the animal was eaten by a bird of prey; therefore these are rarely in good condition. Choice specimen, and large.

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Drymaeus cf. solidus

36.8mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F+. One of several species that occur together and are hard to distinguish. This one is fresh dead, with a very glossy surface.

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Drymaeus cf. phryne

36.1mm. Cundinamarca. Col. 

F+. Also found that it is classified under the name convexus; but please compare! This is fresh dead, and still quite glossy.

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Drymaeus cf. felix

36.8mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F. One of several species that occur together and are hard to distinguish. This is dead and somewhat eroded. Very hard to find locally.

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Drymaeus cf. blandi

36.4mm. Cundinamarca. Colombia.

F+. This is one of several species that occur together and are hard to distinguish. This is fresh dead, very glossy, has cuticle.

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Rhodea mariaalejandrae 

Grego, Steffek & Infante, 2007

39.5mm. Huila. Colombia.

F++. These were a really hot item about a decade ago, when they were first discovered and offered in the market. No new stocks have been replenished since those days. Here is the best I ever had: A clean, perfect giant.

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Solaropsis gibboni Pilsbry, 1846

57.4mm. Huila. Colombia.

F++. The magnificent Gibboni! Here is a nice piece, collected over a decade ago. It has minor signs of wear on its surface, and is not as large as some specimens I´ve seen. Nevertheless it is extremely attractive, with regular, uninterrupted pattern, which tends to get messy in larger shells.

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Labyrinthus annuliferus Pfeiffer, 1851

36.2mm. Chocó. Colombia.

F++. A common, yet very pretty Labyrinth snail, form the costal rainforests of Pacific Colombia: dark chocolate brown, with a cream band along the edge, very complex aperture. These come from a remote region, that is extremely humid and warm, all-year long. This is the last of my stock.

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