A special selection of smaller sized cowries. Somo common, as well as less common, and from all corners of the globe. A delightful selection with some of my personal favorites. Enjoy!

Cypraea albuginosa

Gray, J.E., 1825

21.5mm. Buenaventura, Colombia.

UNCOMMON - Pictured here when fresh, with absolutely stunning colors. This came in a pile of dead shells and definitely stood out.


Cypraea hungerfordi

Sowerby, G.B. III, 1888

38mm. East China Sea.

COMMON - Pictured here is a very fresh specimen; with a vibrant orange-red colored base. Unfortunately this color fades quickly.

Cypraea moneta

Linnaeus, 1758

30mm. Samar, Philippines.

COMMON - This shell is so common that one almost forgets how beautiful it is. Indeed the bright lemmon yellow makes it stand out.

Cypraea cribraria

Linnaeus, 1758

39.2mm. Olango Is. Cebu, Philippines

COMMON - The the red-brown reticle, with clean "lacunae", over pure white or grey, put it among the most stunningly patterned shells.


Cypraea l. oceanica

Schilder, 1930

36.2mm. Ascension Island.

RARE - A most beautiful endemic subspecies of C. lurida: dwarf, with blue bands, and very well defined and pronounced margin.

Cypraea p. scarabeus

Bory de St Vincent, 1827

24.5mm. Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

UNCOMMON - Large and dark, with sharp dorsal pattern. This kind of looks between C. albuginosa and C, poraria; quite stunning.

Cypraea granulata

Pease, W.H., 1862

31.2mm. Oahu, Hawaii.

UNCOMMON - A very attractive Hawaiian endemic, with its voluptuous textures, that make it a truly outstanding cowrie.


Cypraea m. geographica

Schilder & Schilder, 1933

43.1mm. Malaysia.

UNCOMMON - Rounded, with orange teeth and well spotted margins like regular mappa g. But his specimen is a cute dwarf.

cypraea stolida

Linnaeus, 1758

34.6mm. Bohol Is. Philippines.

UNCOMMON - This is a very popular shell. Pictured here is a very large and colorful specimen, with an average pattern. 

Cypraea h. bellatrix

Gmelin, 1791

24mm. Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

UNCOMMON - This is a recently named form of C. helvola. It has a bright red base and very well defined, yet small dorsal spotting.


Cypraea marginalis

Dillwyn, 1827

29mm. Merka, Somalia.

UNCOMMON - A fantastically colored little shell: It has a dark lilac base, caramel dorsum with turquoise dots and blue lacunae.

Cypraea tessellata

Swainson, W.A., 1822

36.1mm. SW Oahu, Hawaii.

RARE - A beautiful and very sought-after shell; becoming rarer every day. The pictured shell is considered large for today´s standards.