This section comprises a small sampler of small Amphidromus species from South East Asia, arranged according to my order of preference. No other group of shelled mollusks that I can think of displays the enormous range of colors and patterns that these tree-dwelling snails combine so liberally.

The last couple of years have been extremely rich in discoveries of species belonging from this group. It is amazing that such conspicuous shells had remained virtually unknown for so long. It is however a shame that these shells are now being exploited in such enormous numbers, as they might soon be facing extinction before future generations can enjoy them. I hope this issue becomes addressed soon by local governments and regulations.

Amphidromus adamsii f. superbus 

Fulton, 1896

28-29.3mm. Sabah, Malaysia.

Superb set of the blue form: My personal favorite. Despite the evenness of this set, this species is ultra variable.

Amphidromus mariae 

Thach, 2017

36.6-38.9mm. Khanh Hoa. Vietnam.

A newly described species, with several forms. The shell is thick and the color is very solid and vibrant.

Amphidromus poecilochrous lembataensis

Dharma, 2007

28.4-34.7mm. Lembata Is. Indonesia.

A simply spectacular species, with well-defined contrasting red, yellow and green bands, on a very thin shell.


Amphidromus attapeuensis

Thach & F. Huber, 2017

35.8mm. Attapeu, Laos.

A breathtaking beauty! The color scheme rivals that of some of the most beautiful parrots: Green, yellow, blue and violet.

Amphidromus adamsii adamsii

Reeve, 1848

28.9mm. Kudat, Malaysia.

A spectacular shell. With solid bands of golden yellow over a blue-green body whorl. The umbilicus is tinted with violet.

Amphidromus donchani.jpg

Amphidromus donchani

Thach, 2019

30.7mm. PDR Lao.

A gorgeous, deep-magenta little shell with dark purpure lip and a yellow sutural band. It reminds me of magnolia blossoms.

Amphidromus anthonyabotti 2.jpg

Amphidromus abbotthuberorum

Thach, 2017

36.8mm. Dak Lak, Vietnam

This new species is absolutely stunning, with its zebra patterns blending into bubble-gum pink dorsum. It is also extremely variable.

Amphidromus steveni

Thach, 2017

46mm. Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

A newly discovered species. The specimen shown has a thin lip. Still, no other shell has true emerald green such as this.

Amphidromus huberi.jpg

Amphidromus huberi

Thach, 2014

36mm. Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

A gorgeous, zebra patterned species. Very similar and closely-related to A. mariae, only few shells display bluish upper whorl.

Amphidromus pictus concinnus 

Fulton, 1896

35.1mm. Sabah, Malaysia.

Yet another exotic Syndromus species from Sabah. The shell has a stunning mix of blue, green, yellow and violet. Very hard to find!

Amphidromus laevus nusleti superb(5.50us

Amphidromus laevus nusleti

Parsons, 2014

33.9mm. Leti Is. Indonesia.

A little indonesian jewel. Out of several dozen shells that I have handled, this particular specimen is simply outstanding.

Amphidromus alicetandiasae.jpg

Amphidromus alicetandiasae

Parsons, 2016

37mm. E. Kalimantan. Indonesia.

A very beautiful, yet fragile species. Shells vary from brown and yellow to apple green; always with a bright violet lip.

Amphidromus johnabbasi.jpg

Amphidromus johnabbasi

Thach, 2017

32.2mm. Gia Lai, Vietnam

Breathtaking well-rounded, cadmium yellow whorls, blood-red sutural band and violet tip. This is covered with green cuticle when fresh.

Amphidromus pengzhuoani.jpg

Amphidromus pengzhuoani

Thach, 2018

36.4mm. PDR Lao.

This species is like a rainbow: It has almost every color. An orange sutural band tells it appart from other similar new taxa.

Amphidromus nicoi

Thach, 2017

31.4mm. Dak Lak, Vietnam

Yet another new species, which is extremely variable and super photogenic. This color phase is  purple with yellow sutural band.

Amphidromus anhdaoorum

Thach, 2017

43.3mm. Dak Lak, Vietnam

Similar to mariae in shape and size, but with a particular sort of off-coloration, and reddish apex. This one is huge.

Amphidromus phamanhi (10.00usd).jpg

Amphidromus phamanhi

Thach, 2016

40.3mm. Lam Dong, Vietnam.

A bewildering, globose, and semi-translucent species, with black columella and magenta lip; quite an unmistakable beauty.

Amphidromus bernardfamyi (9.90usd).jpg

Amphidromus bernardfamyi

Thach, 2017

27mm. Sermata Is. Indonesia.

a gorgeous, recently named species, from a small Indonesian island. There is little variability in pattern within specimens.

Amphidromus columellaris

Moellendorff, 1892

26mm. Tanimbar Is. Indonesia.

A small and fragile, extremely colorful little shell. This is somewhat variable, but the nicest shells have well defined pattern.