From the continent of Oceania, with its pristine beaches of clean white sand, deep turquoise atolls, and infinite skies, there is a large group of cone shells, most of which are present throughout the vast Indo-Pacific region; but many others that are endemic species and forms, located in remote islands, and inaccessible to most collectors.

Conus bruuni Powell, A.W.B., 1958

45.2mm. Kermadec Island.

F. Not much for the condition: The canal and lower lip are filed, the surface is slightly dull; there is a big scar in the lip side of the dorsum. It has very dark color for the species. This is of extremely rare Kermadec provenance. Only a handful of shells were ever taken in this remote, now protected NZ territory. Good display. 

Price: SOLD

Conus gaugini Richard & Salvat, 1973

63.1mm. Nuku Hiva, Marquesas. 

F-. An absolutely gorgeous, high quality specimen of this classic marquesan endemic, that has always been rare and desired. This particular shell has a redder than usual hue, giving it an overall vermillion appearance. The only thing keeping it from gem is a chip in the lip. This would be an immediate eye-catcher in any collection.

Price: 250.00

Conus clarus seagravei Gatliff, 1891

40.8mm. Noumea, off Port Lincoln, South Australia.

F. A giant specimen of this attractive Australian species. The dorsum makes a really nice display, with light ochre mottling, over a light pink background. The spiere is tall as usual for this species, and the proto is intact. Unfortunately the ventrum shows a different story: There is a big scar; the lip has been filed and has a nick. Priced to sell.

Price: SOLD

Conus marchionatus Hinds, 1843

55.1mm. Nuku Hiva, Marquesas.

Gem-. Just a tiny, shallow, negligible nick in the lip (about 3mm long x 0.5mm deep) this is an absolutely superb, giant, gorgeous; perfectly formed beautiful example of this popular Marquesan endemic in the c. nobilis clade. I am offering this at a modest price; considering I will really hate myself for letting it go. This would make a top addition to any collection.

Price: SOLD

Conus t. textilinus Kiener, 1845

48.5mm. Hiva Oa, Marquesas.

F++. The Marquesan response to the widespread textile cone. These are usually smallish, around 2", with denser patterns, and more rounded tents. Quite similar in my opinion to Conus dalli. This particular specimen is very nice example, it has perfect formation, smooth body whorl, and a beautiful dense tent pattern. Just a little roughness in the lower lip.

Price: 40.00 usd.

Conus victoriae Reeve, 1843

58mm. Port Hedland, West Australia.

The Australian response to the widespread textile cone. These are usually around 2", with extremely variable patterns, that in general seem kind of messy and blurry. Most collectors tend to have sets of these to display the wide variety of color forms.

This particular specimen displays a typical pattern, on gray base; it has good size and condition; priced accordingly.

Price: SOLD