The vast bassin created by the continents of Africa and Asia, comprises a very varied group of shells, some of which have a much larger distribution throughout the Pacific. Others are endemic, and occur only in some small stretches of sea, or off the idyllic beaches of the many pristine island worlds that sprinkle this tropical paradise.

Conus barthelemyi Bernardi, 1861

75.97mm. Saint Leu, Reunion Is.

F+. A classic conus from the Mascarenes. Here is the classic vibrant cerry red Reunion shell. Fully matured, with perfect lip and apex; and a massive 3" lenght. This is very heavy and impressive specimen. The color is very dark and rich. It has one evident flaw: A lateral scar in the whorl, opposite to the lip and running halfway. As you can see, not dorsaly visible.

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Conus milne-edwardsii clytospira

Melvill, J.C. & R. Standen, 1899

168mm. India.

F+. The classic Glory-of-India; once a very rare and much admired treasure, now this shell is fished in great numbers, and it is quite easy to obtain. Shells nearing 7" are still rare giants. Here is a very tall and slender shell, just 7mm shy of reaching the mark. Sadly, the lip is filed as usual.

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Conus helgae Blöcher M, 1992

34.2mm. Madagascar.

An ultra rare species. Very few have ever been offered. This particular specimen was dead trawled from about 80mts. The shell has slightly faded color and is yellowish as is to expect. Still the lip is nearly perfect (except for a tiny roughness in the siphon) Perfect apex. The whorl has a finely beaded texture, that is perfect in every detail.

Price: 550.00 usd.

Conus splendidulus Sowerby, 1833

52mm. Gulf of Aden, P.D.R. Yemen.

F++. The famous "Clay Cone": There is something about the elegant simplicity of this species´ color scheme that makes it supremely attractive. Indeed it is a medium-sized shell with bands or dashes of brown, organized in a way that immediately appeals to the eye. This has restricted range, and is very uncommon. Now only from old collections.

Price: 250.00 usd.

Conus g. krabiensis da Motta, 1982

51.5mm. Thailand.

F+. A very uncommon form of C. generalis. This shell is endemic to Thailand and has a distinct pinkish undertone and burnt orange spiral bands. This particular specimenwas collected in 2 mts. in 1992. The shell displays beautifully. The problem is concentrated in the spire: It is somewhat eroded, and there is one single, rather broad worm hole. 

Price: 30.00 usd.

Conus striatus Linnaeus, 1758

70.1mm. Reunion Is.

F++.A beautiful species, capable of exceeding 4", but the larger they get, the more gerontic and line-ridded the surface becomes. This particular shell is from an unusual location, with a pattern that is typical for this population: Lilac base and very sharp spiral brown spiral lines. The absence of growth marks makes it very aesthetic. Two small nicks in lip.

Price: 40.00 usd.