The rather harsh waters of the American Pacific are inhabited by an interestig group of species, many of which are rarely available, or in poor condition, due to most of them turning up from trawlers, which operte irregularly; in an under-developed area. Many of these shells come from old collections, and are passed from hand to hand, due to the difficulty in obtaining fresh material.

Conus bartschi H&S, 1949

44.75mm. Isla Nolasco, México.

F+. A rare species. This has small brown areas over white, and is adorned with spiral dash-dot ribbons. The spire is crowned. These are diver-picked in rough waters, and are consequently prone to blemishes.. This particular shell is very big, the surface and the spire have large worn areas, and there in a big scar on the lip side. Still an impressive representative.

Price: SOLD

Conus "chiriquiensis"

45.67mm. Islas Secas. Panamá.

F+. A vey beautiful and rare display piece, with a smooth, glossy surface,  and a very attractive pattern of brown flames on pure white; gorgeous spire, with clean suture, just tiny nick in apex. The lip is a little rough and uneven, but natural. This is apparently not a valid name; the closest species I can think of is C. poormani, but in my opinion, this is very distinct.

Price: 95.00 usd. 

Conus lucidus Wood, 1828

43.5mm. Isla Gobernadora. Panamá.

F++. This is an uncommon species that prefers offshore waters and clean sand; these are usually somewhat small (around 1 - 1.5"") and badly scarred. Nawadays, pretty, high quality examples, 4 cms. or more are in great demand and very hard to come by. This large example is in very good condition, and has no growth lines; Extremely desirable. Ex. Sunderland.

Price: 225.00 usd.

Conus princeps Linnaeus, 1758

55.85mm. Mazatlan, México. 

F++. I a very elegant, classic, uncommon species. I´ve found from experience, that most shells come in very rought shape, due to their harsh habitat: Lots of worm tracks and holes are commonplace. The offered specimen is unusual in showing an excellent condition for its size; with no erosion, wormholes or growth marks, and a perfect natural lip. Very nice!

Price: 50.00 usd.

Conus vittatus Hwass, 1792

39.4mm. Isla Pedro González. Panamá.

F++. C. vittatus is a pretty shallow water species, that likes muddy areas in bays and near estuaries. This species has several color forms, that range form dark brown to white, with intermediate pink, vermillion, and sienna variations. The shell is adorned with attractive spiral ribbons of dots. Offered here is a large, pale pink shell. It would look awsome in a color set.

Price: SOLD

Conus ximenes Gray, 1839

37.7mm. Baja California, México.

F++. Freak shells are plentiful in the market. But lets face it: Usually those labeled as such, are shells that bear gruesome scars that caused the abnormal growth in the first place. As a result most freaks look plain nasty. Offered here is a truly pretty and curiously formed shell: It has an inward turned canal, giving it a short and phat appearance. Quite unique.

Price: 40.00 usd.