Several small to medium sized species adorn the reefs and sea bottoms of this area. Some are among the most coveted by shell enthusiasts. Here I have secelcted some very nice specimens from my personal collection. Unfortunately, most are F+ only, because they all share their habitats with crabs and sedimentary coral. Some of these are extremely rare in the market, even if not Gem, it is a good chance.

Conus daucus Hwass, 1792

54.56mm. Corbec Bay, Canouan, SVG.

F+. The uncommon Carrot Cone, an insular Caribbean classic; so named becauseof its vibrant solid orange color. These species inhabits grassy areas and reefs at scuba depths. This prticular shell is very large for the species, but it does have some flaws: Two chips in the lip, a few eroded patches, specially near in th spire, and gerontic growth. Still nice.

Price: 80.00 usd.

Conus delessertii Recluz, 1843

87.3mm. Florida. USA.

F. An uncommon Florida classic.. This species was a lot more common a few decades ago when trawling activities took place in the SE. USA. Today these are only rarely available from old collections. Here is a monster sized shell, with spectacular dorsal display, but evident flaws: Filed lip, broken apex, heavy ventral scar, and possibly lacquered. 

Price: SOLD

Conus mindanus bermudensis

Clench, W.J., 1962

38mm. Grace Island, Bermuda, USA.

F+. The Bermuda form of Conus mindanus, this form can reach a large size compared to its southern counterpart and is always patterned in pastel pink or orange. Unfortunately, these are only from old collections now, and rarely available.

Price: SOLD

Conus attenuatus Reeve, L.A., 1844

28.65mm. Península de la Guajira. Colombia.

F+. A rare form that is virtually never offered; this is particukar to Caribbean Colombia and Venezuela. This particular specimen is in rough shape: It has a rather large dorsal scar and a filed lip. The pattern is very pretty, with clear orange bands. This species is not currently being trawled; this is a rare opportunity to obtain a nice representative.

Price: SOLD

Conus pseudoaurantius V&C, 1985

50.04mm. Glover Island, Grenada.

F. A rare species of the C. cedonulli complex. This is another rarely ever offered species, only available from divers. This specimen was found dead. The lip is decent, it has no major growthlines - a miracle at this size; the color and pattern are very pretty despite the evident erosion patches. This shell is absolutely huge for the species. A very nice representative.

Price: SOLD

Conus villepinii F&B, 1857

67.7mm. Florida, USA.

F+. A large species, that is rather uncommon throughout its range, mainly because of its deep water habitat. Shells in the market were mostly trawled many years ago. Offered here is a very large specimen, that preserves some of its periostracum, the lip is not perfect but very good; the main issue is a series of worm tracks on the dorsum. Overall nice representative.

Price: 50.00 usd.