This is a selection includes species from the West African coast, all the way South and East to the Pacific coast of South Africa. Shells from Mozambique and Madagascar are included in the Ido-Pacific section. Here are some very nice and unusual shells, as well as some more common ones from my personal collection; they all display beautiful patterns.

Conus ermineus von Born, 1778

72.2mm. Calhau, San Vicente Is., Cape Verde.

F+. A large and heavy African specimen, of this widespread Atlantic species. This shell is extremely dark and superbly colored, with a phenomenal draw. Notice that it has an evenly-spaced series of growth hesitations, that actually serve to repeat the pattern, generating an organizing sort of rhythm. Extremely aesthetic shell. Rough lip, but not bad.

Price: 95.00 usd.

Conus genuanus Linnaeus, 1758

66.47mm. Dakar. Senegal.

F+. One of the pretiest and largest West African species, that is usually trawled from rough waters. This means quality tends to be an issue, with most shells severely battered and broken-lpped. This particular specimen is of very good size, and has a natural lip, with no nicks, and apparently unfiled. The lower grade is mainly because of the lines in its dorsum.

Price: 35.00 usd

Conus natalis Sowerby II, 1857

49.89mm. Kweleva, Transkei, Natal, RSA.

F+. This species has been recently under discussion, because the it is being split into 3 different ones; like C. gilchristi, C. royaikeni. I am no expert, to reliably tell the difference. Still a very attractive representative: Has a very good lip, just some normal erosion in the spire and a ventral growth mark. The dorsum displays beautifully. Rare shell.

Price: SOLD

Conus pulcher byssinus Röding, 1798

46.86mm. Dakar, Senegal.

F+. The butterfly cone is the smaller cousin of the world´s largest cone species: conus pulcher. Unlike its huge, 8"+ cousin, this species rarely exceeds 3". This here is a nice, colorful example, with very nice pattern of caramel ribbons and brown dashes, on pure white background. As is common in trawled species, this has some roughness to the lip.

Price: 15.00 usd.

Conus pseudonivifer M,T&P., 2004

35.4mm. Maio Is. Cape Verde Is.

F++. A very attractive Cape Verde endemic, which is somewhat more widespread in the Islands than other Conus species. The shell develops a very pale lilac-lavender background, with a series of spiral red-brown dashes: a very attractive combination. Offered here is a choice specimen; good sized, and in top condition.

Price: 25.00 usd.

Conus tinianus aurora Lamarck, 1810

55.36mm. Xora, Transkei, RSA.

F+. An extremely beautiful form of c. tinianus. This variety exhibits almost uniform, deeply saturated rosy orange. This is a rough species, shells are usually found dead and washed ashore. The fact that this giant specimen was diver-taken makes it specially desirable - It even has its operculum on. The lip is perfect. This is a superb piece despite the scars.

Price: 150.00 usd.