Displayed here are some of my favorite species, most are fairly decent representatives of very famous species, by no means do I intend to show them as exceptionals, after all, better specimens are readily available in the market. Still, though, even average specimens make a gorgeous display when it comes to the following selection.

Strombus aratrum Röding, 1798

68.5mm. Queensland, Australia

This is the very hard to find var. melanostomus Sowerby, 1825 displaying an aperture that truly makes honor to the name melanostomus, which in latin means black mouth. Shells like this, with no orange blended into the columellar callus are very uncommon. This picture was taken while fresh, the shell has now faded into an attractive dark brown. 

Strombus gallus Linnaeus, 1758

126.1mm. Gonave Is. Haiti

An extremely elegant shaped, attractive shell, the Rooster Conch is usually mottled in brown, with pastel hues, but is capable of producing much rarer and sought-after solid color forms, like the deep pink shell in the picture. Other colors include yellow, orange, lavander, lilac, red and brown. A truly spectacular species, and very popular with collectors.

Strombus listeri Gray, 1852

143mm. Thailand.

Lister´s Conch: A truly unique species: It has a tall shape, a slender spire with many whorls, and a very smooth, rather flattened body whorl; with a wing that looks like an airplane´s. The very lightweight shell has only two colors: white background and flat reddish brown. It is capable of reaching over 6". An absolutely sober, gorgeous design.

Strombus oldi Emerson, 1965

110.3mm. Red Sea; Dijbouti - Somalia.

This species is very hard to obtain in good condition. It is rather rare and comes from moderate depths in a remote area of the Red Sea. This is not as stunning as other members of the family, but has beautiful proportions and is colored elegantly. My shell is not large, it is also young, but it displays the features of a live taken specimen in full splendor.

Strombus sinuatus Lightfoot, 1787

111.5mm. Philippines.

I bought this one at a curio shop in Prague in 1997; I was a young boy back then. I had only seen it in books and believed it was very uncommon. I was forever amazed at this species´ beauty, with its deep, saturated violet, glossy interior. I decided to hold to this one for good, after all, a perfect one is worth 5 usd. today. But the sentimental value is priceless.

Strombus taurus Reeve, 1858

100.3mm. Orote Cliffs, Guam.

This has always been a rare and sought-after species, from a remote area. The shell itself is extremely thick and heavy, in contrast with its small aperture. The inside is tinted in violet, and the dorsum is white with dashes of dark lilac and sienna; that is when it is not completely eroded, which tends to be the norm. Pictured here is a large, perfect shell.