This web page is aimed at shell enthusiasts and fellow collectors. 


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My name is Juan, I am from Cali, Colombia.

When I was younger I would spend my entire summers snorkeling by the beach; seeking whatever wonders the sea could bring. Eventually, I started becoming interested in the tiny beached shells that I found between the tide lines. These were always badly damaged and worn, but I still could not help but feeling amazed by the strange shapes and fascinating color patterns. Soon I obtained a few books that fueled my passion and helped me identify my beach tresures.

I never found a rare shell at that beach, which I still patrol whenever I get a chance, now 25 years later. I did find an uncommon Oliva porphyria there once, but only because someone had dropped it there! Other than that, all of my treasures come from the hands of collectors and dealers; to whom I owe ever seeing the shells that I grew up observing in books.

In my years of collecting, I have amassed an aesthetic collection. A fraction of which I am delighted to share here in this page. Please take in mind this page is for your viewing pleasure. I have some basic knowledge in zoology, but I am not a biologist. Please feel free to correct me if you see any taxonomic mistakes!